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  If you need help, you can contact Levy Restaurants at the SECC on 0141 576 3141 or via email standcatering@secc.co.uk  
Frequently asked questions

How do I place my order?

Online - select Placing Your Order from the menu on the left. If you order one of our Coffee Packs or Tea Pack or a Water Cooler, please note that the price is for the whole show rather than per day. For all other items, select the number of days required, should you want them delivered on a daily basis. All products are charged per day.

Can I be invoiced after the event?

No, initial orders have to be paid for prior to the event to ensure delivery. NOTE: An order is only confirmed for delivery once payment has been fully received. Additional orders have to be paid for upon delivery. A member of our delivery team will come to collect the payment on your stand. Payment can be made by credit card, cheque or cash. If we hold a credit or debit card for your account we will debit this card unless otherwise advised.

Can we have our initial order delivered the day before the event?

Yes, it is advisable especially on the busier shows. This will allow you to set up your stand prior to the show starting.

Can we place orders onsite?

Orders placed onsite are subject to availability. It is advisable to place your initial order online prior to the event, to ensure stocks are available - eg. Coffee Machines, Kettles and Water Coolers. Please be aware that some of food items require 72 hours notice. Onsite orders will be delivered in the next available time slot. Call us on 0141 576 3141

Do I need to have electricity on my stand?

All our Coffee Machines and Kettles require a 3kw plug socket fitted for each machine. Water Coolers require a 1kw supply. Please refer to your exhibitor manual for contractor details.

Do Coffee Machines need a mains water supply?

No, all of our machines are delivered half-filled, and a small demonstration will be given on how to use the machine. It is then up to the client to refill the machine using tap water, or bottled water purchased through us.

Do you collect the used trays, boxes and rubbish once we have finished with them on the stand?

No, everything we deliver with your order that is disposable is up to the client to dispose of.

Can we return any unopened goods after the event?

Stand Delivery is a 'Sale Only' service. We do not accept any returns at the end of an event

Can't see what you need?

If you need help, please contact Levy Restaurants on 0141 576 3141or email levyrestaurants@secc.co.uk. We are here to help.

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